Look, the last year and a half has been hard on everyone, with the struggles of getting through the pandemic has truly taken its toll. During this time, certain personalities have really come into the forefront more than they have in the past, especially those who live their lives online. With so much more focus being on the internet, videos and more, online personas have made their way into the mainstream even more than usual. Kelly Pantaleoni is excellent as the many wild characters that have become more and more popular, really locking in on some of the more out there personalities and the ways they’ve changed as the quarantine has progressed. It’s a wonderfully hilarious look at how the world has changed, especially online, in the last year or so. Also important is the way that Pantaleoni does their part in terms of support and outreach, with links to wonderful organizations ending the project.”

~  BITPIX // Hollyshorts – http://bitpixtv.news/2021/06/03/june-2021-hollyshorts-bi-monthly-screenings


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